LibertyLink Soybeans

LibertyLink Soybeans for 2019 (in order of maturity and generation)

The best soybeans available for 2019 are LibertyLink for three reasons.

  1. The Liberty herbicide (glufosinate) controls more than 120 broadleaf weeds and grasses, including ALS- and glyphosate-resistant weeds. There is no documented weed resistance to the unique mode of action of Liberty worldwide.
  2. Liberty beans have been in development for more than ten years. They are tested and proven on a variety of soil types and various weather conditions. There are many maturities and disease packages to choose from. There’s something for every farm and every farmer.
  3. LibertyLink is a cost-effective trait platform. The majority of LibertyLink genetics are controlled by the family-owned, independent seed company, Stine Seed. As a Stine partner, we offer the platform at a good, fair price.

Stine 38LE02 - Stine's Best Seller Nationwide 2016-2018

  • 3.8 maturity
  • High yield potential
  • Above average disease tolerance
  • Very good Root Knot Nematode resistance

Stine 42LF22

  • 4.2 maturity
  • Strong emergence for fast starts and very good standability for superior ease of harvest
  • Very good Phytophthora Root Rot tolerance
  • SCN resistant
  • Stem Canker resistant
  • Offers very good protection against Sudden Death Syndrome, Frogeye Leafspot and Charcoal Rot
  • Medium plant height
  • Outstanding yield potential — yielded 109.9% of trial average in Stine’s Elite Yield Trials

Stine 44LH22 - Great All-Around Bean for the Delta

  • 4.4 maturity
  • Combination LL and STS Tolerance
  • Wide plant type for wider row spacing
  • Above average stress tolerance

Stine 48LI32 - High Yielder

  • 4.8 maturity
  • Moderately short plant height
  • High yield potential on productive ground
  • Resistant to Stem Canker
  • Best in drilled to 15″ rows

Stine 49LD02 - The Standard for the Mid-South and Arkansas Best Seller 2014-2018

  • 4.9 maturity
  • Very versatile genetics for most soil types
  • High yield potential even under more stressful conditions

Stine 49LH02 - A 2019 Must-Have for Most Farms in the Delta

  • 4.9 maturity
  • Wide bushy plant that excels in 15″ to 38″ row spacings
  • High yield potential on most soils
  • Above average Root Knot Nematode resistance

Stine 50LF32 - The Workhorse of Soybean Genetics

  • 5.0 maturity has excellent southern characteristics
  • Combination Liberty Link/STS tolerant soybean
  • True workhorse genetics
  • Taller, bushy plant type
  • Very good Root Knot Nematode resistance

Stine 50LK03 - NEW, Limited Availability

  • NEW IN 2019
  • 4.9/5.0 maturity
  • Very good emergence and standability
  • Rps1k multi-race Phytophthora Root Rot resistance
  • Resistant to Stem Canker
  • Medium to moderately tall plant height