Your Soybean Seed Treatment and Pricing Guide for 2018

At SFR Seed we want our customers to be informed and feel empowered to make decisions based on their needs on their own farms and special situations. Seed treatment is very beneficial at certain times and in certain situations, but it is not one-size-fits-all. Here’s what we offer for seed treatments this year and how each can help you based on your needs on your farms.


The Fungicide Only Treatment option contains 3 fungicides that control different pests in the soil that affect stand and can be yield robbers. In our opinion, there is a great ROI in using fungicides in your soybean seed treatment.

Here are the fungicide ingredients and what they control:

Metalaxyl 265 ST
This product is used to control Pythium and Phytophtora – two major pathogens in our soils that decrease plant stands, health, and yield.

Fludioxonil 4L ST
This product is used to control Rhizoctonia, Fusarium and Helmitthosporium. These are also active pathogens in the soil that affect your soybeans’ stand and health.

ST Methyl 540
This product controls Rhizoctonia and Fusarium and also enhances the performance of the other fungicides in this seed treatment. It suppresses seed decay, seedling blight, and seed-born Sclerotina. This option also contains red dye and a polymer.


The Fungicide and Insecticide Treatment option has the fungicide treatment that we use PLUS an insecticide (Macho 600 ST) included in the mix. Adding the insecticide is most beneficial when planting early (late march to mid-April) or when planting into no-till or a cover crop. In these situations, we tend to have a higher number of sucking or chewing insects that dwell in the soil or residue.


BunchaBugs ST – $4/unit
This is a Biological Seed Treatment that offers the most economical way to introduce biology back into the soil for early seedling growth and nodule development. This product is used as an inoculant plus a micronutrient package. It contains 8 different rhizobia bacteria and over two dozen other bacteria that specialize in releasing bound up phosphorus, potassium, and other micronutrients. This product is revolutionary in that it can be mixed with our fungicide and insecticide treatments as well as Molybdenum. We think this will be a standard treatment option when you see the results.


Mertect 340-F – $2/unit

SDS is commonly found in fields with high levels of soybean cyst nematode (SCN) pressure. Damage caused by SCN feeding creates pathways for diseases like SDS to enter the plant. Mertect fungicide offers effective SDS protection through protecting the soybean plant from cyst nematode damage. Mertect fungicide offers economical and effective protection for the soybean plant from cyst nematode damage, thereby, combating SDS.

N-Hibit – $3/unit
This is an exciting product we are offering this year to be combined with the Mertect fungicide to help combat SDS. N-Hibit is the harpin protein that turns on a plants internal self-defense mechanism. N-hibit has been known to reduce soybean cyst nematode, root knot nematode, and reniform nematodes by about 50% due to suppression of nematode egg production. This product improves plant growth by promoting greater root mass and more nodes per plant, resulting in increases in total plant weight, plant health, vigor, and yield.


SDS Package (Mertect + N-Hibit) – $5/unit

Fungicide + SDS Package (Mertect + N-Hibit) – $9/unit

SDS Package + Bunchabugs – $9/unit

Fungicide + SDS Package + Bunchabugs – $11/unit ($2/unit discount)

Fungicide + Insecticide + SDS Package + Bunchabugs – $15/unit ($2/unit discount)

If you have questions or would like to book seed treatment, call Doug at 870.217.3059 or email

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