SFR Seed Customer Portal – Business at Your Fingertips!

SFR Seed understands that your office is mobile the majority of the time. You need to be able to do business from your truck, tractor or shop at any moment. Whether researching the best options for your fields, from soybean and corn seed to herbicide, checking your account or paying your bills, we created a mobile platform that provides a portal that will allow you to do what you need from anywhere. The SFR Seed customer portal offers several unique benefits and can be easily accessed from your desktop, tablet or mobile, all without the need to download a separate app.


Unique Benefits of being a member
SFR Seed designed the customer portal with several benefits for you and your business. Once you create your account, you will access to all of your account details, including order summary and price. You will also have your preferred soybean and corn seed and herbicide details, which your SFR Seed representative will also be able to access to better serve you. Quickly check seed options and pricing, place orders, connect to your representative online and get the latest promotions, news and updates first.

 SFR Seed Customer Portal Dashboard


Easy to Use
SFR Seed understands that you might be hesitant to incorporate something new into your routine. That is why we make it easy for you to create your account and to use the customer portal. And if you have any questions we are here to help. We want all of our customers to be a part of the portals evolution and by signing on today, you can help us continue to develop a tool that will continue to provide additional benefits to you and other farmers. We want to hear from you, what would help you do business day to day.


How to get Started
To create your user account click on the sign-up button below and follow the easy steps. And for signing up, you will receive a free Yeti Tumbler* as a thank you for choosing SFR Seed.

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 *While supplies last

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